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Aam Aadmi Party - The Fire in The Belly Rages On


Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Admi Party is the fastest growing political party

what elevates the Aam Aaadmi Party from the rest is its stringent adherence and a fanatic commitment to non-corruption and its uncompromising compliance to clean political practices and verifiable political funding

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The Mood Of The Indian Poor Remains Dark

With 2019 General elections breathing down its neck, surging global oil prices and hardly any time to introduce major reforms that would actually make lives simpler and food and housing affordable is now not even a mere flip of a coin

The monetary policy framework, another of key parameterssuffers from haphazard policy implementation, driven by political exigencies rather than a meticulously planned fiscal restructuring.

The Aadhaar biometric accounts linkage, perfect on the drawing board, suffer from appalling security breach

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BJP’s Gujarat Strategy

PM Modi’s charisma notwithstanding, his popularity on a free fall since Demonetization, GSTN implementation and rising cost of living is not looking so hot on the ballot paper now

However, hunting with hounds and running with hares routine does not speak well of a leader of Modi’s stature who single handedly brought BJP to record breaking power

The monotonous activity of "thinking it through" waited upon the thrill of celebrating instant media gushing announcements and exciting a collective gasp of ecstatic disbelief from a nation

Standing Up to Be Counted? You Might ! : Read More


Draining the bitter cup

As incumbent PM Modi unrolled his bundle of promises and unpacked his polished nation building toolbox, rest of India tiptoed and peered on with profound enthusiasm and hop

Indulgence turned to mild discomfort when PM Modi started clocking impressive frequent flying points, fanning the frenzy of ecstatic NRIs, giving bear hugs to the head of states, rather than spend time on domestic issues

Traders, big and small, may not be pining for Manmohan Singh yet, they are now harboring fond memories of an educated, quiet, refined prime minister

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Hunt For A Backup Plan

RSS gauges correctly that Modinomics is hurting India and the prospect of BJP losing the next general elections may become a reality if it does not step in now

The bitter and sobering realization that eloquent, epideictic oratory, magnetic personality, exquisite, lavish promises, but a lackluster performance may not bring home the electoral trophy this time is jerking political strategists in the middle of night

For PM Modi, there is little hope and no time for dramatic economic turnaround to take effect before 2019

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For Yogi, The Chase Heats Up

The young firebrand chief minister has his task cut out. The rot in Uttar Pradesh runs deep. Result of decades of mismanagement, nepotism, corruption and divisive politics. BSP or Samajwadi party could have never dreamt of a supportive center. Is Yogi capable?

Yogi’s chief minister-ship now enters the most tumultuous phase that will last for next eighteen months leading to Lok Sabha election due 2019. The New York Times has taken special interest in him.

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Rajiv Dixit-Trailblazer or a Con Artist?

An engineer, a scientist, a doctor or a social reformer, a nationalist or a performer, a brilliant mind, a Yogi, or a con artist? Rajiv Dixit’s following grows unabated: A giant killer who singlehandedly took on powerful multinationals. He tore into the designs of multinationals, their products, western medical sciences, technological advancements

He met with a mysterious and a sudden death. Many are the suspects. There are also efforts to discredit him

The Crimes Of Rajiv Dixit: Read More


Behind Operation-Target Lalu

Very few lawmakers can claim to be completely honest. There are many in PM Modi's Cabinet whose corrupt dealings and criminal antecedents would overshadow Lalu Yadav and his clan's under investigation malpractices while in office.

Yet, the BJP government has been relentlessly targeting Lalu, an affable, astute, but an debarred mass politician.

What and who is behind ruthless pursuit of Lalu Yadav and his clan?

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Economy »

Rejoice the Destruction on the Narmada Valley!

A drinking water well was to be dug for every 50 families, for every 100 families a primary school to be opened, a seed store to be opened for every 500 families-None fulfilled-Welcome to Industrialization

A lick and a promise would have achieved much more and competently than what has been done by the Narmada Water Disputes tribunal till now

Dam and the Doomed in the Narmada Valley: Read More


Hacking Indian Democracy EVM by EVM

What the election commission has been lovingly referring to as mere stray benign glitches are institutionalized conspiracy hatched by a political party

While T.N. Sheshan the erstwhile Chief Election Commissioner of India, put the fear of god or rather that of a fiercely independent election commission acting as a vigilant watch dog, strengthening the voice of a meek voter, the current election commission headed by Chief Election Commissioner Nasim Zaidi has reduced the hallowed office to that of being a lap dog

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The Ghost Who Haunts

The phantom of facts and unembellished figures has an exasperating and a frightening habit of haunting all- leader and followers, elite and the masses. Powerful and unshackled, reputation is mere grain to an unrelenting scythe

The soaring food prices, plunging job market, saturated economic growth opportunities, and a sluggish agricultural growth has created an explosive situation where people stand on the edge of economic doom

Every month 1 million employable Indians join the job market: Read More


Goa, Punjab - Whose Waterloo?

Faulty EVMs, Inept EC, Police Intimidation fails to dent AAPs chances in Goa, Punjab

The traditional craft of violently capturing booths is no longer as prevalent as it was earlier, it has actually gone down, although the flow of free liquor, cash and intimidation has gone up

Widespread state sponsored subversion of democratic rights during Punjab assembly elections and silent concurrence of Indian Election Commission has ensured that the voice of the people of Punjab is stifled - yet the end result might mirror Delhi-if not surpass it!

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India Seeks Out Bhagat Singh

n these distressing times of escalating food prices, poor sanitation, health and education services, weary of crumbling infrastructure, growing hardships and exhausted by a highly corrupt system, Bhagat Singh, the ultimate revolutionary has made a comeback

Sidelined from main stream consciousness, Bhagat Singh's prominence as a quintessential revolutionary has permeated from the history books to the forefront of social consciousness

It is the signs of a fermenting discontent amongst a troubled nation as a whole that in public psyche Bhagat Singh is at forefront.

Bhagat Singh - The Gandhian: Read More


Wanted - Demonetisation's Fall Guy

ATM's didn't work, banks did not receive enough cash, mints did a shoddy job, people overreacted by madly lining up, RBI changed the "rules of engagement" so to say, every hour by the hour, the media misreported, yet, as per new warped logic PM Modi, the initiator of this insane decision, hovers above and beyond any censure

As people question on what actually Modi's quixotic Demonetization decision has achieved, steps are underway to fault anyone but PM Modi

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Positive and Negative forces

Silence, stillness, stability and peace are properties of Devik forces. Anger, jealousy, hyperactivity, resentment are indicative of possession of Asurik forces and pave way for destruction of the body and devolution of soul

Whenever asurik forces dominate over devik forces, there is devolution. When the reverse happens there is growth and evolution. The dominance of these forces decides the characteristics of a yuga, the beings that inhabit the earth in that time span, the condition of humanity and of dharma

When Agastya muni drank the ocean: Read More


Indian Economy braces for turbulent times

While the plate of misery for the people is undoubtedly piled high, for PM Modi the bite of the bitter reality sandwich is tasting unpalatable

With no ready access to cash due to Demonetization, the poor are now forced to borrow money from the local moneylenders. If people thought that rising food costs, poor living conditions, and swamped economy was unbearably bad, PM Modi managed to even out-do himself and made it frighteningly horrible

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Forcing Bodies To Burn Stored Fat

Human minds are super powerful so it is just a matter of training and disciplining our minds to eat in a timely manner and only when we are really hungry so that our bodies are forced to burn the stored fats instead

When we avoid sugar and starches our blood sugar becomes steadier causing the levels of insulin to drop. This increases fat burning and makes you feel more satisfied

What happens when we eat?: Read More


RamGopal Yadav-Akhilesh's Chanakya

When the dust settled, it had effectively vanquished the duo of Amar Singh, Shivpal Yadav, busted the ego bubble of Netaji (sic) and has now amicably rallied behind the Samajwadi party shield to fight the communal parties, to wit, BJP

Ram Gopal Yadav, the trusted aide and political advisor, risked his entire political capital to support young, an inexperienced Akshilesh in this bitter, no holds barred, a very public family struggle

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Forcing Bodies To Burn Stored Fat

Human minds are super powerful so it is just a matter of training and disciplining our minds to eat in a timely manner and only when we are really hungry so that our bodies are forced to burn the stored fats instead

When we avoid sugar and starches our blood sugar becomes steadier causing the levels of insulin to drop. This increases fat burning and makes you feel more satisfied

What happens when we eat?: Read More


Saleem's Swaraj

Yogendra Yadav need to step out of his self created coop and soars rather than hop out to censure Arvind Kejriewal and then flits to condemn Aaam Aadmi party and then flutter back to scoffing at Arvind Kejriwal.

Yogendra Yadav is now a has been, a politician with no electoral victories under his belt, an inexperienced politician with no administrative or bureaucratic experience against his name

The saddest part is that he has tethered his own distinctiveness, like Anna Hazare, to judging Arvind Kejriwal's shortcomings

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Burn Fat through Fasting

If we can train our bodies to use the stored fat sources instead of constantly turning towards more glucose via the food, then we can lose weight

Our bodies will burn stored fat only when we are in the fasting state and it will store more body fat only when we are in the eating state

When insulin is present, our bodies stop burning the fat because then it is burning the glucose provided by our last meal instead of burning the fat.

Bodies will burn stored fat only when : Read More


Blind! Deaf! Corrupt!!

There has to be consequences for judges who keep on moving court dates spanning generation to generation when it comes before them for hearing.

From the rule book to the final moment when the wooden gravel bangs on the desk bringing closure to a long drawn out court case, every aspect of Indian judicial system needs a revolutionary reform.

India must implement advance electronic case tracking system that tracks a case since its inception, reports on the delay, and maps the progress and decision of each and every case, real time

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Politics »

Anti-Nationalist Of India

India now offers a very simple, easy and as-the-crow-flies direct facility to become a hard-core dangerous anti-nationalist.

No social upbringing, academic or otherwise nor a previous history or accomplishment in this field is required. One can be a soldier or a freedom fighter or from the family of either or both.

Neither age nor gender, nor color nor creed or nationality would obstruct one's path to become an anti-national. Even one's nationality would come in the way, for that matter.

Anti-National guide for Dummies: Read More


Infrastructure starved Bharat collides with Cashless India

As a digitilized India Kangaroo leaps to a hi-tech cashless economy it collides with a dazed Bharat with broken infrastructure. The term "Cashless" has struck the nation like a bolt from blue. Velvet sheath it any which way, call it either Demonitization or Cashless, it is but a cruel blow.

While the BJP and its fast dwindling supporters were initially euphoric, rating this as a brilliant move, coming as it was just before crucial state assembly elections, yet, now they are having second thoughts and admit that the planning and the purpose itself is unclear

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Politics »

A Legacy Engraved

For a society that is going through the pain of dealing with the hardship, they, if they survive this heartless decision, would have a fascinating sad story for their great grandkids, earmarked for long rainy nights.

Modi has entered the hallowed annals of political science as well as economic and management case studies.

Political leaders, more than others, especially, have a desire to be remembered forever.

Modi's desire for a legacy is more than most: Read More


The Most Destructive Decision Ever!

Post 1947, a more reprehensible decision, with such far-reaching consequences and wide ranging impact as that of "Demonetization" has never been imposed on an unsuspecting nation. Not even when emergency was imposed!

People might draw comparisons with Indira Gandhi enforced emergency. Yet, Demonitisation is the most destructive decision ever. When emergency was imposed, the general public was not directly and immidiately affected.

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Politics »

A Legacy Engraved

For a society that is going through the pain of dealing with the hardship, they, if they survive this heartless decision, would have a fascinating sad story for their great grandkids, earmarked for long rainy nights.

Modi has entered the hallowed annals of political science as well as economic and management case studies.

Political leaders, more than others, especially, have a desire to be remembered forever.

Modi's desire for a legacy is more than most: Read More


Never! Ever! Leap Before Looking!!

PM Modi has heaved a billion Indians over an economic abyss, triggering a crisis that might take several years to tide

The grave miscalculation on Mr. Modi's part has resulted in widespread chaos across the country, that has now led to more than 55 people dying while lining up outside ATMs and Banks besides causing "slight inconvenience" to others in general, yet a climb down is unlikely, given PM Modi's inflated ego

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OROP - Will Justice Be Ever Delivered?

The merits of implementation of OROP in its totality may be debatable; In a true democratic process the platform to seek justice in an impartial environment that stimulates fair and free discussion is the right of every citizen.

Yet, PM Modi, in this case, no less, have been vociferously insisting at political rallies that OROP in its truest sense has been implemented and those who disagree are few rabble rousers out to cause consternation and draw political mileage.

By ensuring that the media does not report the ongoing struggle Read More >>


17 Trillion Rupees Sucked Out Of Economy

With no takers for Indian currency in foreign exchanges, and over 76% of cash based Indian economy stands frozen, this decision will have far reaching adverse impact.

55 people have died till date, standing outside banks, waiting for the much needed money-their own hard earned money

All this just to reintroduce Rs.500 and Rs 2000 currency bills-an unlikely act to curb corruption

Read - Two Thousands Suffer Social Antipathy>> 


The Demon He Unleashed

That fact that the elections are scheduled to be held soon does not make things easier for PM Modi, if he fails to come good on his promise of making India corruption free within 50 days, ending 31st Dec, people might deliver a stunning blow to his carefully cultivated self image of the leader of the century

The beast that PM Modi unleashed in his ignorance might soon devour him and his party

Who Tames the Unknown Beast?


Modi Stuns the nation - Gives a billion Jolts

An inside story on why PM Modi suddenly banished a currency that was 85% in circulation.

India has been under economic terrorism for more than two decades, and the citizens are harrased daily due to rampant corruption

The impact of this decison has weakened Naxalites, Hawala operators, Kashmiri seperatists, yet Indian economy stares at a tremendous collateral damage.

Read - Conduits of Counterfeit Money>> 


A Decorated Soldier Lost Hope

Organizations get hefty tax breaks, land and infrastructure support, along with monetary credit. Film personalities, cricketers and other celebrities get major governmental support and inducement, yet when it comes to army, the government is always tight fisted

a decorated brave soldier, who fought and won, lost all hope in the political process. Those responsible are the worst criminals

A Soldier losing hope is the worst crime a nation can commit Read More >>


Fire That Mulayam Lit

The raging fire bringing the House of Yadavs down in the U.P., unfortunately, was lighted by Mulayam himself

The Samajwadi Party is now imploding at an alarming rate with multiple power centers asserting their authority and violently sucking in and dividing the core voter base of Yadavs and sowing the seeds of doubts within the other community voters of Muslims, who are now looking towards Mayawati in a bid to defeat the BJP

Read - Earthy Shivpal, Flamboyant Akhilesh>> 


The Sacred Chant of Om

Ever thought about it? What was there when there was no creation? Imagine a time when there was no time. Time too was created. After time came OM in the form of Dhwani, sound. Before this OM existed as pure divinity, sukshma iti sukhshma. It was a void, it was silence, it was complete

Om is not a mere sound, it is the essence of Brahmand (creation), also called the Brahm naad. Om came after time, and so in a sense, it is bound by time, and yet independent of it.

When a Guru chants Om, You will notice Read More >>


Reel Vs Real Guru

If someone is building palatial ashrams or acquiring wealth in the name of yog, or following a multi-level marketing system to collect more and more members for the organization, then you can be sure that he/she is not a yogi or guru

Gurus have vakshakti, that is what they say happens. They have mantra-siddhi, that is, when they chant the vibrations and energy can be felt by all present. They have strong and vibrant bodies which exude glow

Read - Satya, asteya and aparigraha are the first three yams in ashtang yog>> 


U.S. Presidential Elections - Equally Poised

That Hillary is now worried is understandable, but there is another section which is now struggling to retain their integrity

The media, which up till now has been reporting a Hillary win, is now scrambling to modulate their wild predictions of an outright Clinton win

Outrageously, but more ironically, Clinton is now being rated as a "lesser evil" as compared to HRC. FBI is "Trump Land" and the voters are being asked to be wary of "Con artist" Trump

A powerful time to invoke..


U.P. Elections Gets Interesting

The state of affairs for the U.P. assembly elections is such that the front-runners have suddenly lost steam even before the actual race, and the party who was not even in reckoning even few week back is now leading by a wide margin.

The organizational skill of wily Shivpal Yadav will ensure that this time Akhilesh is taught a lesson and many of Akhilesh's handpicked candidates will bite the dust, even if it means warming the opposition benches for five long years

Read - In this tri-corner fight, BJP might>> 


The Inner Festival of Light

Starting from the 13th day of krishna paksh of Ashvin until the second day of shukla paksh of Kartik, marks an extremely powerful time in the Vedic calendar. The energy of various nakshatras is focused on earth.

On certain days it is extremely easy access these energies, Diwali being one such occasion

There are two aspects to creation, its dark aspect convcerns occult practices and black magic. Diwali is the festival of light, but is also the darkest night of the year

A powerful time to invoke..


BJPs Surgical Strike On Varun Gandhi

There are dark forces that are unleasehd to discrdit challengers within BJP. Varun Gandhi has been identified as a special case

BJPs own saffron "Gandhi" is more popular, considered more dynamic than many stalwarts.

Modi and Shah believe that he is someone who might attract disgruntled seniors and rebelling peers and pose real leadership challenge in near future

Read - BJP has 84 congress turncoat leaders in its cabinet. A Congress "Yukt", Gandhi"Mukt" BJP>> 


The lessons From Surat

Overflowing the venue of the rally, the residents of Surat happily donned the Aam Aadmi Party's Gandhi caps and jostled and clogged the streets of Surat

The message that Arvind Kejriwal had for the citizens of Gujarat or BJP paled compared to the message that the city of Surat scrawled in large letters for BJP and the state government

Whether the media hides the truth, or the ruling BJP deludes itself, the message is incredibly loud and remarkably clear

Ground Report From Surat After AAP`s successful rally    


The State Of Affairs Of Uttar Pradesh

The state of affairs for the U.P. assembly elections is such that the front-runners have suddenly lost steam even before the actual race, and the party who was not even in reckoning even few week back is now leading by a wide margin

BJP is overtly relying on the charm, wit and mass popularity of PM Modi and the superior organizational skills of Amit Shah, to win the state for BJP

until Samajwadi stalwarts started to self-destruct. The prty still had hopes

Read - The organizational skill of wily Shivpal Yadav will ensure that this time>> 


YOGA-Entry Or Exit?

Today, one can find so many different arts that promise an experience of the energy world. There is a plethora of organizations selling everything under the sun in the name of yoga…enough to confuse a person not for this lifetime, but many lifetimes

All this buying and selling over the counter, makes one wonder- whether yog and the various spiritual sciences are exit from or entry into the world of maya?

One enters the dimension of yoga without knowing where one is headed to or what one wants.

Rishis possessed phenomenal glow and radiance    


Prashant Bhushan Fights For Indian Farmers

Diabetes, obesity, infertility, asthma, cancer, autism and many other conditions are attributed to eating food prepared from Genetically altered seeds

Without due diligence and observing proper testing protocols dangerous Genetically Modified food is being forced on an entire generation

Government of India has been going ahead with field trials by sowing the genetically modified seeds without making public the contents of bio-safety dossier or without such proper public disclosures

Read >> Indian consumers and farmers should be eternally grateful to Prashant Bhushan>> 


The Dangerous Agricultural Games Being Played On Indian Farmland

The Green revolution of the 1960s necessitated heavy imports of seeds, toxic fertilizers that addicted the soil and ineffective pesticides that altered the natural habitat but were ineffective on rodents and other insects that quickly developed immunity and ravaged the costly crops.

While India can be a major player in providing world with organic food, the politicians are selling farmland to the builder mafia, and addicting the rich Indian soil with toxic and poisonous fertilizers, generally western patented or imported!

Corruption and Lack of vision is pushing India over the edge from where recovery might not be possible

A Treacherous Web – Woven Wide And Deep    


The Splinters with Blinkers And A Yes-No! Runner At The Non-Striker's End

The ever paranoid Stalin funded an anti-U.S.S.R, anti-communist movement outside of USSR and placed his own insiders at leading positions of that movement

Stalin's clandestine support to the opposition group, ensured that Stalin had complete visibility and iron control over his detractors within and beyond USSR

Goa Surakhsha Manch, Swaraj India, Sidhu, Apna Punjab Party, Owaisi in U.P. Political parties are mushrooming this election season, but who is sowing them?

Read >> Anna – Unwitting But Not Unwilling>> 


Meditation, Hypnosis And Dhyan

There are three states to the mind, which the modern sciences acknowledge - the conscious, the unconscious and the subconscious state. The fourth state, which the modern science does not acknowledge, is the super conscious state or the Turaiya state

Modern sciences believe them to be the same. However, vedic rishis differ here, they had experiences of the subtler dimensions and, mantras and images of the various devs and devis were visible to them

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Mayawati Holds Court - U.P. Elections Ground report

Mayawati knows that the worst is behind her. The Modi tsunami has ebbed, SP star is clouded. Congress is gaining ground, but Rahul has an uphill task to wean away traditional voters in a highly divided U.P. society

U.P. has always credited Mayawati as being a better administrator than the Samajwadi party

For all we know, Utter Pradesh might give Mayawati another chance to erect some more of her grand edifices and idols!

Read >> Demolishes BJPs corruption free storyline>> 


Life Giving Properties of Copper Water

When water is stored in a copper vessel, especially overnight, as Ayurveda suggests, the electromagnetic energy or 'Prana Shakti 'contained in the copper makes the water ionic

Now this "tamra jal" when drunk first thing in the morning, helps the body to maintain it's pH or the acid-alkaline balance

Ayurveda texts guarantee that this copper-infused or ionised water also balances all the 3 doshas-namely kapha, vata and pitta

>>>   Read More


A Grand Civilian Banquet - Soldiers Not Invited

Fat Allowances, steep salaries, generous benefits are all for the officers cadre (even the officers are unhappy over gross anomalies and are fighting for parity with their civilian counterparts-: read here

Much publicised Pay Commissions have swiftly bypassed them. What they got was comparable to crumbs falling off the well stacked table of a majestic civilian banquet

While civilians line up for photo-ops, media exposure and selfies holding candle vigil, the real soldiers and their families suffer

So much for dying for a pretentious, self absorbed nation!

Read - Die For Motherland, Meet not your Mother>> 


Navratri - The Scientific Approach

Knowingly or unknowingly Navratri is associated with the blind faith of millions who fast for 9 nights without any logic

However, there is a scientific logic and a specific process to prepare our body and mind for powerful energy re-alignment

During these nine days the prana shakti inside our body undergoes a process of re-alignment, from imbalance to stability. For this re-aligning, the body has to be conditioned.

The nine nights are to purify and strengthen mind, body & soul by fasting, yoga and meditating

Why One Should Fast During Navratri>>>   Yogi Ashwin


The Death Baiters

For a country with ambitions of a super power, the weapons and gear assigned to a soldier compared to other powerful countries are primitive

Providing "Z" category protection to massage the ego of politicians or capitalists friends and their spouses takes priority in India.

A Soldier is destined to die a sacrificial victim euphemistically celebrated as a hallowed Martyr

His uniform bears no motif; he melts into his unit- faceless,

Read More ->> The Shocking Plight Of Jawans>>   


India's Pathetic Record At WTO Courts

Global players, with seemingly inexhaustible money and resource and a supply chain infrastructure with global outreach at their ready disposal, out-competes the local small and medium manufacturers, traders and farmers

India has an enormous captive market, an inexhaustible pool of young, educated, dynamic workforce. What ails India is its failure to safeguard its local market from Global onslaught.

Poor planning, rampant corruption, reduces India to import

Read More>>> An Incredible Spin To India's WTO Loss


Grand Civilian Banquet- Soldiers Not Invited

The revelries of a self indulgent nation has drowned the plightof soldiers

Their troubled sighs do not pierce the hallowed echelons of political corridors, where Machiavellian wheeling and dealing on power sharing is always the point of order.

While they toil relentlessly, their family endure hardships of their own, all unaided

Read More>>>That Shiny Brand New Car   


Chinese Plastic-Indian Pottery

While China enjoys a distinct global advantage over rare earth metals needed to build smart phones, laptops etc, unfortunately it has also managed to wipe out the lower end of Indian small and cottage industries of India.

Semi-skilled and unskiled intensive industries are ruined

Once bustling and growing cottage industry that contributed to the growth now lies bankrupt

>>>   Read More


  • The Resurgence Of Rahul Gandhi

    Winning elections are all about spectacle. It is all about swaying the masses with pomp, putting up a show and then mesmerising them with oratorical skills

    Since the Lok Sabha loss, Rahul Gandhi has revelled in the role of a determined challenger

    His attacks are incisive and his onslaught has caught the BJP off-guard

    Continue Reading »

  • 7th Pay Commission Shock For Armed Services

    As per Ramayana "A country that keeps its army healthy, cheerful and satisfied ensures long-term safety, well being and growth for its citizens."

    Their lives in constant peril, it is shocking to note that the military was short changed in the seventh Pay commission

    For Indian armed forces this might not be the case

    Continue Reading »

  • Lotus Seeds-Makhaney-The Superfood!

    Low in sodium and high in magnesium, they are the go-to snacks for the obese and heart and high blood pressure patients

    As an antioxidant they help reduce ailments like diabetes and heart problems

    Prevents inflammation caused as a result of arthritis and rheumatic pains

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Writing On The Kejriwal

Lakhs of people attended Kejriwal's rally, overflowing the rally ground long before the start of Rally

They lined the streets, eager to see him.

Today's overwhelming response by the people of Punjab, washes away all the lies that the main stream media have been parroting over the past few weeks. It also raises serious question on their journalistic ethics and honesty

Read More>>>   


Mahuwa Tree - The Incredible Medicinal Powerhouse

It it contain protein, fats and minerals, it also provides adequate amounts of calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene and even vitamin C.

nearly all the parts of this tree can be used for some purpose or the other. This healing property comes from its tannin content.

This time along with Political parties, even the people of U.P. are in a quandary.

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The AAP is Imploding In Punjab
A Ground Report

The pleasant interparty relationship is now on the verge of destruction

The Aam Aadmi party's fast deteriorating prospects in Punjab, its imploding organizational structure, vulnerability of core members and the rampant revolt by the rank and file of its members across the Punjab state due to wrong selection of candidates –

Read More>>>   


Mahuwa Tree - The Incredible Medicinal Powerhouse

It it contain protein, fats and minerals, it also provides adequate amounts of calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene and even vitamin C.

nearly all the parts of this tree can be used for some purpose or the other. This healing property comes from its tannin content.

This time along with Political parties, even the people of U.P. are in a quandary.

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Denying OROP - A Reflection On India's Decaying Society

Abandoning the veterans, who sacrificed their family, life and youth to serve an ungrateful nation in severest of physical and mental strain is reflective of a society under decay

Modi had publicly declared in Rewari, Haryana, at a mammoth election rally, should he come to power, he will implement OROP

A nation's leader epitomizes its ethos, sadly Modi and his coterie are setting an appalling example.

Read More>>>   


"Tiranga Yatris" In A Traffic Jam

Powerful Samajwadi satraps are singing discordant notes and the shrill notes might not be received well by the voters

Ever since, the mega leader Modi has failed to replicate his Lok Sabha mega performance at key electoral battlegrounds

The committed BJP rank and file, those with ear to the ground, know very well that this is

>>>   Read More


Mission OROP - GoI Strategize to Delay

GoI, loaded with grossly overpaid bureaucrats and law makers (some of them undoubtedly corrupt), have backstabbed the ex-servicemen consistently.

This cut is unkindest of all, since it has been spearheaded by BJP, who has long professed itself as a more patriotic and honest party that the ruling Congress and other state level parties and was at one time a magnate for ex-servicemen

The peacefully protesting veterans were baton charged mercilessly,their priceless blood spilled by Modi Raj's police, an act deeply reminiscent of the British Raj

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Assembly Elections »

U.P. Elections - Ear To The Ground

U.P. has been in a constant flux for the past few months, the simmering polarization of society on religious lines have warmed the cockles of both the ruling and opposition parties. Both sense their chances.

The intricate caste fabric, with its extremely complex voting patterns, along with recent sharp political developments has queered the pitch

This time along with Political parties, even the people of U.P. are in a quandary.

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Varun Gandhi-The "If-Only" BJP leader

PM Modi and Amit Shah, has an intense dislike and serious distrust associated with the Gandhi name

Varun Gandhi has been identified as the dangerous latent threat that needs to be addressed now rather than later

The word on the street is that if Varun Gandhi is today declared the Chief ministerial candidate for U.P, BJP might pull a huge surprise

In his entire political career, he has not once been disrespectful to his Gandhi cousins

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Truth Be Told »

Media Conceals the Ad-Spend Truth

Recently, main stream Indian media has been kicking up a storm over the ad-spend by the Aam Aadmi Party's Delhi government

The motivation for the main stream media is quite clear. They are bowing to their political master's commands

BJP led Haryana and Punjab government advertise heavily in Delhi and other states; Kerala government too advertises in Delhi and other states; what is the need of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh regularly advertise in other states

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Unprecedented - The Unelected Get Power But Not Responsibility

Former law minister, Mr. Shanti Bhushan had stated, that "of the last 16 Chief Justices of India, eight were "definitely corrupt". He also spoke of "a "common perception" that judiciary uses the power of contempt to silence anyone trying to bring judicial corruption into the public domain".

Giving power to Najeeb Jung, an unelected official, without the burden of accountability attacks the very heart of democratic values

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Truth Be Told »

PM Modi More Like Indira Gandhi

Advani and Atal Bihari nurtured BJP had the freedom for its members to voice their opinion.

Power is now firmly concentrated in hands of few, deriving their brute undemocratic might from crony capitalists. All institutions are under acute duress

The vice like grip on all institutions is all pervading and fast spreading, so much so that there is a sense of undeclared emergency.

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How To Kill A Movement?

How to effectively deal with a hated political adversary who constantly manages to get under the skin of a national leader who believes himself to be the best thing that ever happened to India?

By blatantly implementing different set of draconian rules for Aam Aadmi Party and a more lenient set of rules for non Aam Aadmi political class will be Modi's undoing. Special>>>   

Truth Be Told »

Sixty Six years of Congress Misrule and The BJP

To the mix of "Roti, Kapadaa, and Makaan" PM Modi led government has managed to add "Daal" (pulses). All beyond the reach of common populace

Many go overboard when they accrue all the woes to PM Modi's rule. Here's the bare naked truth that corrupt Indian Media will never tell you about

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Manish Sisodia Makes a Powerful Enemy

Manish Sisodia picks up a dangerous political fight. One, that might prove to be ruinous for .his political career.

Aam  Aadmi Party have been singularly successful in managing to array some powerful enemies against them. Not content with the blazing high stakes, they have now decided to stand up to another powerful enemy Special>>>   


The Good Stress

Let’s look at stress that is actually good to have! This is something that we all need to stay healthy, be happy and live longer

Mostly stress has adverse effects on our body and minds but not all stress is bad. There is also the good stress, that occurs as a result of

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Arun Jaitley - The Political Artist

To consistently bet on the wrong horse and yet come out on top is India's Finance minister Jaitley for you

As a long time confidante and a supporter of L.K Advani, his political goose should have been cooked the instant Narendra Modi edged Advani out after a long, bitter political feud. So, what is the secret? Special>>>   


Benefits Of Rock Salt or Sendha Namak

The sendha namak is a naturally occurring salt that contains a broad range of trace elements, mostly in a similar ratio as found in human blood.

According to Ayurved, rock salt is very beneficial for people suffering from diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, depression, stress and heart ailments

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OROP – The Knockout Punch Eludes!

As another round of jujitsu between the Government and OROP camp ends, there are contrasting emotions experienced by both the camps.

Although managing to punch above their weight, they failed to deliver the knockout punch and cannot harbor the illusion of winning the game by any stretch of imagination Special>>>   


The Butterfly Effect from Jayapur

There is a clear pattern here that is now worrying RSS. While he regales the global NRIs, at local level his performance is dismal, to say the least. There is a gaping chasm between what he says and manages to deliver. The losses at Jayapur and Gujarat polls might today seem to be a mere pin prick

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GOI Tries to "Splinter" OROP Movement

The OROP movement, which has been looming large for the government, is now threatening to burst. The Indian government may or may not be taking a leaf out of Stalin's book, but for OROP, it seems to have followed the same principles

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मरो किसान!

भारत में आज किसान मर नहीं रहा, वरन मारा जा रहा है। "जादूई बीज" कह कर उनको मौत बेची जा रही है। परंपरागत बीजों से अत्यधिक बेहतर उपज की क्षमता रखने वाले। और तो और सदैव की लिए कीडों और परजीवियों से मुक्त!

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Celebrating Godse

The parasites have many weapons of religion, caste, fake nationalism, state power with police, judiciary, bureaucracy, money; while the working class, the creator of all social wealth, has only revolutionary ideology and unity

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When A Soldier Is Martyred

After the sounds of the bugles fade, the mourning friends and shocked relatives withdraw, the fragrance from incense sticks curls up into thin air and wafts away, flowers wither, and the overflowing eyes dry up, what remains behind is a gaping, endless void

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The Pigeon Shuts its Eye

Bihar drubbing is the unkindest cut of all. However, it will be surprising if Modi, Amit Shah, BJP and RSS were really harboring any hopes of winning Bihar!

The blame for this mammoth defeat is now being apportioned to the entire BJP party as a collective failure

एक कथा»»

भेड़िया है इंसान

कितना भयानक भेड़िया है इंसान। सुन्दर कपडों से सज्जित, सभ्यता का लबादा ओढ़े,स्वार्थ पर परमार्थ का मुखौटा पहने।

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Infilterating OROP

The OROP Movement is now exactly where the government wants it to be

A protest, with a large number of impatient people, spread across the nation, yet dissenting vociferously in unison, on the verge of being aggressive, and garnering prime time media attention, in the life cycle of any protest, is its brash adolescence

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स्वास्थ»» Health

Does Your Kid's Cereal Contain Jet Fuel?

Ever wonder why many of the kids these days exhibit ADD, ADHD and other hyper behaviour tendencies

It's the BHT in many cereals that we are our feeding our kids

Embalming fluid used in dead bodies to replace the blood to preserve for a certain period of time!

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Veterans Fight Back

The resilience of ex-servicemen has surprised Modi,BJP,RSS, who had relied heavily on Media to propagate the watered down OROP as the real one

solidarity demonstrated by the ex-servicemen eventually drowned the din of paid Media

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स्वास्थ»» Health

Are You Suffering From Nutritional Stress?

When we think of stress, we usually relate it to mental or emotional strain that someone is going through as a result of demanding or adverse circumstances in their life

stress and unhealthy eating go hand in hand

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अशोक भी हुआ बेआबरू तेरी बेहूदगी से

फाड़ कर मेरे तन से तूने मेरे कपड़े,
नहीं अपमान किया है मेरा।
अगर तू देखता एक पल रुक कर भी मेरे सीने को,
वहां थीं ... कुछ निशानियाँ मेरे मुल्क़ की।

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Mission OROP

77 Year Old Vet's Open Letter to PM Modi

Dear Mr.Prime Minister Modi

What stirred me to write to you is your attitude towards the veterans and on OROP (On Rank One person) legislation

I know I may not live to see justice done in my lifetime. Nevertheless, as a soldier I will

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व्यथा         TURMOIL»

Hello Conservative Party

I wanted to reach out, so as to aid your election machinery that is no doubt waddling around and in the scientific process of demystifying the voting pattern and pointing sharpened pencils at graphs, bar charts and the like

The clarity of hindsight vision is unmistakable.

Naturalized Citizen>>>   Read More

स्वास्थ»» Health

Lymphs : The Secret to Rediscovering a Healthy You!

According to the ancient science of Ayurveda, the Lymphatic System is always the first body system to be evaluated whenever you display the symptoms of any illness

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Kejriwal Paints PM Modi Grey

Compared to Robert Vadera and the like, PM Modi's PR department efficiently positioned him as an all burnished and a sparkly great leader

Then Kejriwal happened – or to be precise, acted.

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स्वास्थ»» Health

Coconut Oil, The New Elixir of Life?

When taken in its natural state, coconut oil is very healthy but after going through manufacturing and processing, it turns into its evil twin!

The hydrogenated coconut oil is very unhealthy and if ingested

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Veterans employ smart strategy to defeat a corrupt establishment

Being a soldier in India is one of the most challenging profiles in the world

Motivated by the desire to serve the nation and preserve its freedom, individuals, in the prime of their youth, leave behind their families, land and respond to the higher calling. They signs up to die for a Nation, for the society

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आप बीती »

जीवन के प्रकाश-स्तम्भ

अब यह तुम्हारे वश की नहीं है- मेरी प्रिय शिक्षिका मिसेस दिवेदी ने उत्तरपुस्तिका लगभग मेरी ओरे फेंकते हुए कहा, "बस हो गयी तुम्हारी पढाई!छोड़ दो!

डॉ आशा शर्मा   और पढ़ें >>


Dreaming With Modi

PM Modi, undoubtedly, exudes a level of confidence that Indian prime ministers since the untimely death of Rajiv Gandhi never did. He has one more key advantage over others

Amit Vats   Read More


Microwave Use Might Kill

From our morning cup of coffee or tea to our bedtime warm milk, microwaves are what we turn to. However, are they really all that great or are they slow killers that are gradually killing us from inside out?

Amrapali : Read More>>


Modi Meets Moneybags

As PM Modi meets the Trillion dollar group in US, it is important to understand the truth of these meetings and how they stack up to reality and analyze what has yet been achieved by Modi till date

K.K Singh   Read More

आप बीती »

वह मालिश वाला

एक बार हम लोग हरिद्वार गए थे। प्रकृति की गोद मन में विलक्षण शांति जगा रही थी। दूर धरती आकाश का मिलन, अज्ञात सत्ता के प्रति ऐसी कशिश जगा रहा था की माया मोह का खेल निस्सार प्रतीत होता था।
डॉ आशा शर्मा   और पढ़ें >>

  • Reward Of Serving a Nation

    One visit at Jantar Mantar, one realises how deeply offended and helpless these personnel are with Modi's devastating strategy on OROP
    Most of them had voted BJP. Now, many of them are ready to come to Bihar to campaign against BJP, though, not ready to join any other party!

    और पढ़ें»

  • M(o)dia

    We are made to believe how brilliant a politician Modi is.
    The word shameless has now found its match in Indian media. So have obsequious, greed, and deceit and other such strong adjectives that have been languishing for long, imploring justice.

    और पढ़ें»

  • Suicide Seeds

    "Magic Seeds" that God failed to create, uses twice the amount of water.
    This unprecedented water requirement of these very thirsty "magic seeds" is the first blow that hurls the farmer towards certain doom
    The big promise of these "Genetically modified magic seeds" being parasite proof is a big lie. But the killer strike, the marvel of capitalist technology, is the ..

    और पढ़ें»

  • Lesson Modi Forgot!

    We are made to believe how brilliant a politician Modi is.

    How he is giving a definite direction and how his vision is being embraced by leaders the world over

    Alas! None of it is true. He is what he his. An average chief minister, and a floundering prime minister

    और पढ़ें»

  • The Windmill They Failed To Tilt

    Select senior journalists are tutored to form the opinion of people

    Crony capitalists have vested interests in the outcome of the election, politicians are mere padding to diffuse the sound of their advent

    और पढ़ें»

  • The Amethi Report - Part II

    Questioning Rahul Gandhi and that too on Amethi has been intolerable to the Congress high command

    Since the constituency represented by the Gandhi family for over three decades still lacks basic amenities.

    और पढ़ें»

  • Khap In Modern India

    Khap's politicisation, especially after Independence, has given it a powerful authority to control the village or villages that it administers

    Politicians found it very convenient to approach them and muster votes of entire community. Bribing few was easier than fulfilling the manifesto for the entire community

    और पढ़ें»

  • Whistle Blowers And Mass Revolution

    Due to Arvind Kejriwal's various expose in India and the great work of Assange Julian, E Joseph Snowden, Bradley Manning etc.,
    internationally, which has shaken the world and of course has put the nature of democracy in question

    और पढ़ें»

  • A Conspiracy Most Foul

    The entire existing parties, their henchmen, police, bureaucrats, men holding constitutional posts like LG, President united tacitly to discredit AAP and demolish it. Surely Corporations' fund and 'instructions' too mobilised these parasites.

    और पढ़ें»

Unholy Nexus

The establishment,threatened by Arvind Kejriwal, is exposing itself and the unholy nexus of Corporate and Politicians.

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और पढ़ें»

  • Kejriwal's next big onslaught

    After sending a strong message that he needs to be taken seriously, and means business, Kejriwal relented, leaving the Congress and BJP too stunned to react coherently.

    While the opponents are still finding their moorings, Kejriwal is waiting for them with a stout club of Jan Lok Pal bill.

    और पढ़ें»

  • Rahul Gandhi's Unique Leadership style

    While Delhi burns with important issues, the youthful leader has parked himself away from the heat and grime of it.

    The peculiar personality cult centered leadership is no doubt keenly followed and replicated by the leaders of North Korea

    और पढ़ें»

  • Conspiracy against Somnath Bharti

    The residents wholeheartedly support the law minister for taking initiative against the criminal elements; However, their voice is being suppressed by BJP and Congress in their bid to discredit AAP

    Kejriwal would do well to stand by him and send a reassuring message to the nation of not buckling under unfair demands.

    और पढ़ें»

Corrupt Indian Media

In a recent interview with Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, Mr Punya Prasoon Bajpayee of Aaj Tak, seemed determined to do a negative interview on Arvind Kejriwal and his government

और पढ़ें»


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